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A Newborn Session In My Home Studio

Updated: May 31, 2022

In this blog post I would like to tell you more details about your newborn session with me.

If you are reading this, it is likely that you already know how to book and how to prepare for your session.

I wanted to give you more details about what exactly happens on the day of your baby’s photo session. So let’s dive in!

My home studio is based in Donabate, Co. Dublin in a suburbian estate so you don’t need to worry about parking space. When you arrive, you can leave your car in front of my house, that is no problem.

When you come in, I will greet you. There is a no shoes policy in my home, so please be prepared to leave your shoes at the door. Make sure you bring some socks and slippers with you.

When you come in, everything will be prepared and ready for you. As we will have a Design Session prior to your Photo Session, I will know what backdrop we will use, I will have your props, outfits, accessories ready for you. There will be some refreshments for you and you will have my whole living room as the waiting area. So you can sit back, have some tea or coffee, watch Netflix or read a book or watch me photographing your precious Baby.

If Baby is in deep sleep, I will change them and start photographing them. After doing a few poses, I will change Baby’s outfit and it is very likely that at this point they will need a feed.

Dublin Newborn Photographer
Dublin Newborn Photographer

So we will have a little break and after that we will take the family and sibling portraits (my favourites!!!). To finish the session, I will use a few different props.

Dublin Newborn Photographer
Dublin Newborn Photographer

That is the plan but you have to know that my sessions are baby-led. This simply means that Baby is the boss. We stop whenever they need a feed, a change or a cuddle. That’s why my sessions are 2-3h long.

You should be prepared that not every pose and every set-up can be done with every Baby. There are some poses that can be more difficult for some Babies and I will never push or force a newborn in a pose if they don’t feel 100% comfortable. Having said that, we need to be flexible and go with the flow.

Every Baby is unique so every session will be different and unique. But we will always be able to create some amazing portraits for you.

I can’t wait for your session! Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions and don’t forget: keep smiling!



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