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How to prepare for your family photo session?

Summer is just around the corner and summer time is my favourite for outdoor family photo sessions! I try to schedule these around that gorgeous golden light before sunset.

I know how much work is to organise a family photo session (I have 3 kids, believe me, I know how hard it is!) so here are my pro tips to get you all set on the day of your photo session.

1. The more prepared you're, the less stressed you will be!

Try to get everything ready the day before your photo session: outfits, accessories, props etc. I always have a pre-consultation with my clients where I let you know what outfits you should wear, what you need to bring and what I'll be providing.

2. Snacks and drinks are essential!

Bring some snacks and drinks! Believe me: even if you had a big lunch just before your session, 10 minutes into the photo shoot, the kids will be starving. If you bring any treats, wait for the right time to give those to the kids. You might need them as a little encouragement, so just wait with those.

3. Bring some extra clothes

Outdoor anything can happen! If there is a puddle (or if we're on the beach!), there will be jumping and soaked clothes will happen. That's totally normal but you might want to change the kids into dry cloths after...

4. Bubbles are always fun

You can grab a few bubble blowers and when the kids might get bored, you can give those to them. They are always a success and look great on photos!

5. Let them be kids

I know this is hard but don't have high expectation towards the children. They don't have to sit and smile. They just have to be themselves. My job is to guide them, give you prompts and capture those sweet moments. Outdoor sessions are always less formal with a more "lifestyle/documentary" approach and it's all about the action and fun, so let them be kids!

You can find out more about family sessions here.

Have a look at this fun Reel from my IG feed!

Do you have any questions about family photo sessions?...

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