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My mission as a boudoir photographer

Updated: May 31, 2022

I wanted to share with you a little story about me. I have been a family photographer for 4 years and I absolutely love it! I started taking photos when my youngest was born six years ago and started learning about newborn/baby photography. Later, I added maternity and family portraits to my repertoire.

You might ask how I got into Boudoir Photography?

During the pandemic lockdowns we all had to stay at home and I wasn't allowed to have clients in my home studio. But I terribly missed shooting and decided to take some self-portraits. I missed the fun, cool, sexy girl I used to be. I have been in "mom's mode" for so long... running around in my sweatpants with a cup of cold tea in my hand, wearing my messy bun as a signature crown. I wanted to feel great about myself and wanted to capture it. So I did... And I might not be a girl anymore but yeah I'm fun, cool and sexy and it felt amazing to see this best version of myself.

Dublin Boudoir Photographer
Dublin Boudoir Photographer

The self-portrait sessions were so therapeutic and helped me to gain my confidence back.

Dublin Boudoir Photographer
Dublin Boudoir Photographer

I realised how empowering a boudoir photo session can be and thought every woman should have a chance to experience this so I started offering these sessions.

From the very beginning it was a huge hit and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to meet these amazing ladies and give them this fantastic experience, to connect with them and have an impact on their lives.

A Boudoir Photo Session is so much more than just taking pretty photos. It's an Empowerment Experience and it all starts with an amazing makeover. Throughout your photo shoot, I will guide you from head to toe to get the most flattering poses and angles. Feeling comfortable is essetial for creating these portraits so we connect, we chat, we laugh. There is no jugdgement here, you can be yourself.

Are you still on the fence if Boudoir is for you? Read this blog post to find out.

Would you like to learn more about Boudoir Photo Sessions?... Click here!

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